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1232 Victory! Quiet simple... 2x 1 clap, followed by 5 claps and "Victory!" Playlist
1928 We're the Real Copenhageners Lololololololo Playlist
2624 We, Are, FCK! This chant usually goes from Section 12 (B) to Nedre C (C), where they repeat each line. Playlist
2662 Fight for Copenhagen Fight! Playlist
2893 We'll Be Coming Down the Road! Only part of the chant - sorry Playlist
3322 We Are the Pride of the City Dressed in white and blue... Playlist
3530 Rather Die Than Live in Brøndby Parken is the stadium of F.C. Copenhagen Playlist
4024 Here Reigns FCK! ... Playlist
4722 Copenhagen! Simple one, does what ti says on the tin Playlist
6317 Brondby Are You Watching? Chant sung by F.C. Copenhagen fans to Brøndby IF as a taunt. Playlist
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6472 Together with the Boys in the Stands Who wants to stay at home when its matchday? Playlist
6743 Along with the Boys on the Tribune 2 One of many FC Copenhagen chants Playlist
7367 Lo Lo Lo Lo FC Simple, loud chant from Copenhagen Playlist
8878 Copenhagen Clap Good ringtone for a Copenhagen supporter Playlist
10256 Here Comes Copenhagen Copenhagen alléz! Playlist
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Kæmp for hovedstaden
Allesammen op og stå
Synger stolt om byens farver
København er hvid og blå
Hedegaard F.C. Copenhagen Tue 9 Aug '16  · Re: Kæmp for hovedstaden  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Du betyder alt for mig!
Aldrig skal du være alene!
Hovedstaden følger dig...

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

You mean everything to me!
Never shall/should you be alone!
The Capital follows you!

Oh oh oh oh!
Oh oh oh oh!
Oh oh oh oh oh!
Oh oh oh oh...
Hedegaard F.C. Copenhagen Fri 5 Aug '16  · Re: Åh FCK  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
The real lyrics. First in danish, then in english:

Vi er fra FC, FC fra Parken - VI går til fodbold og synger højt - Vi hader Brøndby, vi hader GF - Men vi elsker FC København lalalalala..

We are from FC, FC from Parken - We go to football and singing loud - We hate Brøndby, we hate GF - But we love FC Copenhagen lalalalala..
Copenhagen F.C. Copenhagen Mon 17 Dec '12  · Re: dupe  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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